Vitiligo- Treatment Cure in Lahore Pakistan

vitiligo treatment- Cure -Surgery in Lahore Pakistan

 Vitiligo is a skin disorder which is seen among many people. It has various causes, symptoms and treatments which we shall discuss here.Vitiligo is a long term skin problem that causes white patches to appear on the skin. The white patches are due to the dis-pigmentation in that area. These patches develop and enlarge only in certain areas of the skin and can extend to large areas causing skin to appear dark and white. These white patches appear in areas where melanocytes are absent. Melanocytes are the skin cells which produces melanin, or the pigment that gives an individual skin colour. The more the quantity of melanin, the darker a person appears. The absence of melanin causes many disorders since the function of this substance is to protect the inner layers of the skin from the harsh environmental elements such as sunlight. Melanin is the main protection that a body has to prevent sun´s Ultra Violet rays from penetrating the skin layers. Up till now unfortunately, the vitiligo treatment does not provide a permanent solution and the person suffering from this disorder has to get regular treatments. It is not usually predictable that a person will suffer vitiligo to a certain degree; many people just get a few patches while others suffer greatly. In majority of cases, the affected areas remain affected for the rest of the person's life. Medically it is better explained that vitiligo is the appearance on otherwise normal skin of nonpigmented white patches of different size distributed over the body and bordered by hyper pigmented areas. This means that the areas surrounding the dis-pigmented areas have a darker shade than the individual’s normal complexion due to a hyper, or more, production of pigment. The hair that grows in the vitiligo struck area is also white since the hair follicle also gets no melanin which gives color to the hair strands. Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder in which the patient's immune system becomes overactive, and destroys the melanocytes. It can be caused by various reasons such as genetic oxidative stress imbalance, a stressful event, exposure to certain chemicals, harm to the skin due to a critical sunburn or cut and any neural cause. The vitiligo treatment is available nowadays and can be easily received in good clinics. The results are not always a 100 percent since the individual cannot be cured for life but with regular visits to a good doctor, the vitiligo treatment can ensure a reduction in the dis-pigmentation patches. The most popular vitiligo treatment is photo therapy with UVA and UVB light.Exposing the affected skin to UVB lamps is the simplest treatments, since it can easily be performed at home with a small lamp. This vitiligo treatment is recommended by doctors and in case the patient gets it done in the clinic, he will have to visit the clinic on a daily basis. If the white spots are large, UVB phototherapy will have to be performed in a hospital with a full body treatment. UVB phototherapy has a positive effect on vitiligo if it is combined with other treatments that boost the normal melanin production. There is still no real treatment that will totally re-pigment the skin to its full potential. The UVA photo therapy is done in hospitals unlike the UVB treatment which can be done at home. The patient is given a medicine that increases the skin´s sensitivity to ultra violet light just before the UVA exposure. The affected areas are treated and in order to maximize the result, the patient goes through multiple sessions. Great progress is seen within a period of 6 months to a year if the patient attends two sessions per week.

Vitiligo treatment is available easily everywhere nowadays. Although, the treatment does not totally cure the disorder but it can reduce the white patches if treatment is done on a regular basis.

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