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Vitiligo in Pakistan is a social problem and lots of people visit our vitiligo clinic in Lahore for its treatment. It is a pigmentary disorder and melanocytes cells are destroyed in the body. There is white patches appearance after the destruction of the melanocytes cells. The hair turns white in these white patches of the vitiligo area. The most likely cause of vitiligo is auto immune. There are different theories regarding cause of vitiligo. There are different treatments of vitiligo in Pakistan and our clinic is specialized in vitiligo treatment and laser therapy in Pakistan. Our clinic does have surgical options for leukoderma /vitiligo treatment in Lahore.

Vitiligo in Pakistan

Male and female patients are affected by vitiligo in Pakistan. It is present in all races and most commonly before 40 years of age. There is no male or female preference of the disease rather its presence is equal in both races.

  Treatment options in Pakistan

Ultraviolet light A (UVA)--one type of radiation that is part of sunlight and reaches the earth's surface. Exposure to UVA can cause the skin to tan. Ultraviolet light is also used in a treatment called phototherapy for certain skin conditions, including vitiligo.It is a more common problem in those patients having autoimmune diseases. These are diseases where immune system of a person reacts body own organ or systems. The diseases which are autoimmune in origin include hyperthyroidism, adrenalcortical insufficiency, alopecia areata, pernicious anemia. It is not clear association of Vitiligo with these autoimmune diseases. It is not necessary vitiligo patients have other autoimmune diseases. It may be hereditary in nature. Sometimes vitiligo may appear patients without family history of this disease. Our clinic has very effective treatment . To treat in earlier stages is easier as compare to wide spread vitiligo in the body.