Ultra refined hair transplant Lahore Pakistan

Ultra refined procedure gives thick frontal hairline at our hair transplant clinic in Lahore Pakistan; no more see through effect and natural direction. It is considered as gold standard procedure in hair loss treatment. There are various techniques for baldness treatment. Hair loss has very effective treatments. Hair transplantation is more advanced today and continuously being improved due to research and contribution from all over the world. The result in the past appear unnatural and chubby look, today results are more natural and mimicking natural hair growth. Though there are various techniques in the market but ultra refined follicular unit is a best technique in hair restoration surgery. Our surgeon, who is based in Lahore and one of the best surgeons in Pakistan, offers this highly sophisticate procedure.

Follicles or grafts exist in natural groupings and these groups contain one to four hairs. Ultra refined follicular unit is characterized by tiny incisions, tiny grafts and use of smaller size of blades. The advantages of these tiny grafts enable surgeon to implant grafts closely so that there would be more density and natural look and less scalp trauma.
Ultra refined follicular technique is a best choice for patients as maximum number of grafts in single session can be transplanted. Due to tiny nature of slits or puncture there is less trauma and quick recovery as compared to other  techniques. Ultra refined follicular hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan is an ideal technique for thinning of hair and eyebrows surgery. This particular technique is good for eyelashes implantation as well.
 Hair transplant cost in Pakistan especially with ultra refined technique is affordable. It is cheaper in Pakistan and more and more people from abroad are taking online appointment for this procedure. One should understand that surgeon has to undergo extensive training to get expertise of this particular specialty. To make the masterpiece of surgical artistry and skill, hair restoration surgeon must take care of angle, orientation and curve of the shaft while performing ultra refined follicular surgery. It is after years of hard work and practice, surgeon offers this technique to their patients.
You have decided for hair transplant surgery in Lahore Pakistan then you must ask about ultra refined follicular unit technique information. You are going to invest to build your confidence and self esteem; you deserve to choose best, nothing less than ultra refined follicular unit procedure. This information can’t replace the professional opinion of expert. Therefore it is advised to discuss surgical as well as medical hair restoration to our specialist in Lahore who is Board certified surgeon. To see more before and after photos and different stages in hair replacement surgery,please click the link 
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