What is Pigmentation?


Pigmentation or blemsihes treatment in Lahore at our clinic is offered with creams, laser technology like Nd:Yag,Fractional lasers. The treatment of pigmentation alos depends upon cause of pigmentation. There is medical treatment of Melasma (Pigmentation) like hydroquinone, which decreases the production of melanin. Azelaic acid is also used for the treatment of pigmentation which decreases the activity of melanocytes.Treatment of pigmentation with lasers is also possible and lasers are frequently used to treat pigmentation. The gold standard is Q –switched Nd:Yag laser to treat pigmentation or melasma. This laser is very effective for dermal melasma or pigmentation. IPL or intense pulsed light devices are also very effective to treat pigmentation.We have latest lasers like Medlite C-6 (Q-switched Nd:Yag) and Intense pulsed light devices to treat melasma and  pigmentation in  Lahore Pakistan
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