No touch hair transplant technique Pakistan

Those who want to get a No touch hair transplant technique Pakistan also needs high quality results after their treatment. Many devices are invented to assist surgeon to perform surgery with accuracy and precision. On of these is known as no touch technique that is getting popularity these days. Baldness is common problem of people all across the world. Surgical hair restoration treatments were available to treat hair loss two decades ago. Hair restoration has two basic methods, follicular unit transplant (FUT) or follicular unit extraction (FUE). FUT is the traditional strip surgical method and FUE is the latest method of transplant. FUE is preferred because it causes minimum scarring after the surgery. Less bleeding and pain is also involved in this method. With emergence of latest technology, “no touch technique” is offered worldwide to help those men and women that are suffering from hair loss and hair thinning. 


No touch technique has been researched and studies for many years. It is a new advanced technique that is same like FUE. It was invented to increase the chances of grafts survival and to increase the growth rate of transplanted follicles. This technique has been used by DHI institute in Greece. Now this treatment is available in different parts of Asia, Europe, and the United States and in Arab Emirates. In this technique, Follicles are harvested from the donor area of the scalp. After extraction, these follicles insert into an instrument shaped like cylinder tube without human intervention. With help of this instrument, chance of follicle damage is minimized. In the last stage, follicles are inserted into recipient area without the human touch. This method has made the follicular unit extraction easier. It is an advanced form of FUE. It is misleading to call this method a new technique . This is an  easier method that takes three to four hours. In this method, there is no need to use scalpel. No touch technique is different from other techniques used in hair restoration surgeries. This method minimizes the holes, bleeding and scars more than FUE. It is a simple medical procedure that gives outstanding results. Very few post surgical precautions and medicines are needed after going through this treatment. There is no need of staff or medical assistant with the surgeon during hair restoration surgery. Unlike older techniques, cylinder shaped device is there to handle follicles that have been extracted. Many advantages are there to perform hair transplant in Pakistan with the help of no touch technique. It gives less shock and trauma to extracted follicles. There is no need of creating recipient’s sites. This decreases the amount of bleeding during the surgery. There is almost no scarring on the scalp after the surgery. There is less need of local anesthesia and certain medication used during transplant. It also leads to the early hair growth of the transplanted follicles.

Many famous surgeon have shown their concerns on no touch technique. It is falsely marketed as a latest transplant method. Follicles are removed with the help of forceps and they are placed inside the tube. Holding the follicles many times with forceps can decrease their survival rate. It is also claimed that this technique is not used in Europe and the United States. It is not up to the international standards, so it is still not approved by the FDA of the United States. No touch hair transplant technique is not superior to any other technology except false claims in Pakistan.