Lip Reshaping Lips Augmentation Surgery Pakistan

lips reshaping in Pakistan is a very delicate cosmetic procedure out of all the cosmetic treatments .How to reshape your lips and give them seductive look so that people discuss your lips beauty and attractiveness. After the eyes, the lips are the most prominent feature on the face. People who have very thin lips or a cut or abnormal shape, often desire a perfect look and consult doctors and surgeons for this. The cosmetic medicine has come up with many ways to correct any kind of deformity or fault of the lips that is making a person appear as an asymmetrical mouth. In some cases, people just want fuller lips and a perfect pout.

How to enhance lip Augmentation?

This is done by injecting a filler in the lips. The injected fillers are made of organic substances due to which there are no side effects nor are there any bad repercussions. These fillers can also get dissolved in the body which is also a proof that they are 100 percent natural. The lip reshaping procedure is very safe as far as the filler is concerned but it is essential that the person conducting this procedure is fully confident and has a good knowledge of the quantity of filler required. The fillers not only make the lips grow bigger but also make them look smooth and finished. This is why there are a lot of people related with show business or modeling that turn to this kind of procedure. There are even more serious cases in which the lip has to be cut up and the shape or the outline of the lip has to be worked upon. In such cases the person has to be given general anesthesia and under sedation, the surgeon uses skin grafts to correct the shape of the lip. Many accidental cases are seen where the person’s lip is twisted or is protruding from some place. This can be corrected only if the surgeon conducting this procedure is artistic as well. The reshaping treatment can be done within a day and does not require a long recovery period. Under normal sedation the person can carry out his or her normal routine from the next day. There are many fillers and substances available for this treatment and it is better that the person undergoing the surgery discusses the pros and cons of each filler. In case of organic materials, the person needs to get the filler injection again after a few months since it gets dissolved and the lips revert to their original thickness. However, in case of a surgery where the shape has been changed or the scar has been removed, there is no need for any fillers and hence the result is always permanent. As we have mentioned many times before, cosmetic surgeries require an experienced hand that can bring an artistic result and produce a natural look without any stitch scars. Many times the surgeons can make the lip shape better but there is a slight mark left from the stitches which again causes an unnatural look. The surgeons can recommend yet another treatment for the scar but this is not always the case. Usually, the surgeon makes a cut on the inside on the lip and if necessary, the skin grafts are attached in such a way that there is no scar from it. Of course, as mentioned earlier the surgeon can bring the desired result with his artistic finish.

Lip reshaping is a technical procedure for which the patient must select a good surgeon. In case of only making the lips look thick injections can be sufficient but if there is a lip shape that need to be corrected, skin grafts are used.