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Birthmarks Treatment  by Laser in Pakistan Lahore

Birth mark is a spot present on a child's skin after his birth. Presence of a birth mark is very much usual and common. Many people consider it as an unnecessary mark on their skin. Some time it is so prominent that it makes the person low confident. It is caused due to pigmentation of skin which changes the color of that area of the skin. Another reason is that blood vessels of affected person can have strange alignment. Certain moles are present on different parts of body which are associated with low risk of melanoma. But in today's era, it is easier to get rid of it in a successful way. Only solution of getting permanent rid from these scars is to go for a laser treatment. Birth mark treatment by laser is much common these days. But it is a very big decision, so one needs to go for an experienced and professional doctor. Visit a clinic of good reputation and ask the relevant doctor about treatment. Go for treatment if you get proper satisfaction.

Laser birth mark treatment Lahore

Before starting laser treatment, patch test is used to find out if your skin is allergic to treatment or not. Your doctor will use a very low energy laser on some area of your skin. This test is also used to find out whether you need this treatment or not. Some birth marks may be treated by plastic surgery or some cream. So it is highly recommended that make some consultation before a treatment.

When it comes in mind about birth mark treatment by laser, you may think it is very much harsh or painful. In reality, you may have some stingy feeling, but it is very much painless. A beam of light is used which penetrates into patient's blood vessels. The red color, which is present in those vessels, actually soaks the light. After this process, color of the birth mark on skin got lighter. After a few sessions of laser treatment, birth mark disappears from the skin. Best result is achieved when you go through four or six sessions after specific intervals of time. These intervals may last for 3 to 4 weeks. You may feel some difference after only one session. The number of these sessions depends totally on your improvement. A skilled and knowledgeable doctor will try to save you from itchiness and pain. Anesthesia in the form of a cream is applied to skin before making any treatment. This cream may contain local Anesthesia.

It is possible that you can have some side-effects after treatment. Skin became much sensitive so it needs proper care. Some people can have bruises although it doesn't last for a long time. You will be advised by your doctor to use some high quality sun block with high SPF for some months after treatment before exposing skin to sunlight. Laser treatment shows good result on those birth mark areas which are already light in color and small in size. Our clinic has Q switched Nd:Yag laser for nevus of ota and to treat hemangioma like cherry red wine or port wine stain ,pulse dye laser in Lahore.