Melasma -Freckles



Melasma-freckles treatment in Lahore Pakistan-Pigmentation is coloring of skin that can be caused due to increase or decrease in production of melanin pigments by melanocytes. Many treatments are available to get rid of this problem. Dermatolgist will recommend the best treatment according to the patient's problem and needs. Pigmentation is brown, black, gray or tan color patch appear on the skin. Pigmentation affects the color of the skin. Skin color is regulated by melanin substance found in melanocytes. When melanocytes got damaged or become unhealthy, they directly affect melanin production. Some of these disorders cause discoloration on some specific areas of the skin in form of patches. Pigmentation is very common in pregnant women due to hormonal changes during reproduction phases. Birth control pills are also responsible for discolored patches. It can be occurred due to sun exposure and sun damage. This problem is not much common in men. It appears on chin, forehead, cheeks and upper lip of affected women. 

It is essential to consult a dermatologist after finding out pigmentation on the skin. He will confirm your problem and understand the intensity of disease. Many treatments of melasma freckles are available in Lahore, but dermatologist will recommend the best depending upon skin type and severity of problem. Chemical peeling is a treatment to treat discolored skin patches with help of chemical agents. This is the widely used and available treatment that is also known as chemosurgery. Trichloroacetic acids, hydroxyl acids, glycolic acids, salicyclic acids, carbolic acids, lactic acids and resorcinol acids are used as chemical agents. Selection of these agents depends upon the extent of pigmentation. Chemical masks are applied on face and removed after specific time. This treatment is needed to be repeated after twenty one day to achieve excellent results.  Another method of pigmentation treatment is by using light amplifications and laser. In this method, laser beam of light of a specific wavelength is used to remove patch from the skin. This light is being absorbed by the skin and damage the tissue of affected area. The surface layers of the skin are eradicated one by one. Different lasers are used that are customized according to patients' needs. These include CO2 laser, erbium YAG laser, Nd-YAG laser, Diode laser, Argon Laser and Ruby laser. Laser skin resurfacing treatments are used to remove pigmentation patches permanently and leaving the skin clearer. These methods are considered permanent solution to this problem. Some post treatment guidelines are required to follow by patients to get a good result.
Dermabrasion is another treatment to get rid of pigmentation from the skin. In this method, equipment with coarse edges is used to remove the upper layer of the skin. This make the skin damaged and make it bleed. New skin grows with help of collagen production in that area and that skin is free of any marks and patches. It is treated through giving local or general anesthesia to the patients. Recovery time depends upon the size of treated area. Proper care is required to save wounds from bacterial infections. It is the most painful treatment of getting a fine and smooth skin. Intense pulsed treatment is another technique to remove pigments by targeting chromphores in the skin with specific wavelengths. This method is considered a very effective treatment of pigmentation.