Acne, chickenpox scar treatment Lahore -Pakistan

Acne, chickenpox scar,surgical scars Treatment  in Lahore Pakistan

 Acne scars are usually the ugly marks left behind after acne. Laser treatments are very effective in treating such kind of blemishes. Though expensive, this is the only technique through which you get fast results and in turn satisfaction for the rest of your life. Even after acne is gone, it leaves marks behind. In the beginning you don’t look good because of the inflammation and later you because of the scars. Also the type of blemishes also depends on the type of pimples too. Some are temporary while others are there for life. The permanent are the real source of problem because they look bad on your face or visible areas of body resulting in distorting your personality. It might be an after effect of an accident or any skin infection and illness. There are many surgical and non-surgical treatments in order to eliminate these marks and also to prevent their further invasion. Medication as we all know is a slow procedure and is not effective in many cases. The other option hence is a laser surgery. For this reason, you need to find out a clinic which you can trust and assure you of best results. Through laser treatments acne scars get almost invisible. It is a very brief operation. No anesthesia is needed. It is completely painless process. It may take only one session or may take more than one. The duration and frequency is largely dependent on the type of marks you have and how dark they are. When the marks are very dark in that case, many sessions are taken with the patient in order to make them lighter and nonvisible to the naked eye.

Use of laser for the purpose is the most recent and most effective technique which minimizes your marks if not completely eliminates. Many people believe that this procedure has bad side effects and you may face the consequences after the therapy. For your information, if done by an experienced surgeon with quality equipment, this procedure doesn’t have any side effect at all. Some common and minor complaints are reported like redness of skin. This is because with the help of laser beam an upper skin layer is removed. The red skin gets normal gradually over time. When this new technique was introduced many people thought it as a fake one because of its exceptional results. Some people were really very enthusiastic about it. The best thing about this technique is it is immediate. You don’t need to wait for months or years in order to see the final result. You get rid of your problem instantly and after that your life is never the same before. Imagine from the perspective of a person with an ugly scar right on his brow or face as a result of an accident. After the treatment, it is gone forever. The only bad thing about his personality is gone which makes him feel more confident now. His life is brighter and more fulfilling than ever before.

So if you are interested in getting laser treatment for acne scars, you may get some initial consultancy for free Even if you are located in a faraway city or any other country, you can always take your pictures and email them to the clinic so that they may give you their early advice. They can always tell you to what extent the marks will be diminished and how much it will cost. You can plan your appointment and travel later accordingly. Acne Scars,chicken pox treatment thrugh Laser in Lahore is not covered by any insurance and it is very costly but you can get a low priced treatment from Pakistan and Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is an expert and specialist in laser skin surgery from Paris France.