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laser hair removal in Pakistan Lahore is most used method for permanent hair reduction. Most commonly hair removing method is waxing, threading and Electrolysis but these are temporary techniques and laser hair removal is on permanent basis and you do not need to do again and again. Waxing and threading are much painful and they can give you burning sensation for some period. On the other hand, shaving your hair regularly can give you cut and makes your hair growth thicker than ever. So spending money on laser has worth in long term. It not only saves your money and time but saves you from pain, which you have to go through after short intervals of time.

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Dermatologists in different places of world have now accepted this method and it is used commonly in their clinics. Quality of results are some how depends upon skills of dermatologists. Laser technologies available are also considered important for good results in the end. In laser hair removal process, light is absorbed by hair follicles. After penetrating, it starts damaging the hair present inside those follicles. In actual, it is a medical procedure which required an efficient doctor. It is important to select a well trained and specialized doctor when you are preparing for this procedure. A well qualified doctor will prohibit from using any other method of hair removal six weeks prior the treatment. Some methods remove roots of hair for some time. These roots are required for laser treatment. You will be advised to avoid going to sun for at least six weeks before and then after your treatment. Some radiations can directly affect the performance of treatment and it can cause certain side-effects. There are many clinics for  laser hair removal in Pakistan Lahore,medical equipment used to perform laser depends upon hair, skin color and thickness of patient’s hair. Before starting treatment, dermatologist will trim your hair. When your laser treatment is done, the skin of treated area will be feeling like sunburn. But after using proper creams and moisturizer, you will recover within few days. Using cold water on the skin is also a good way to get rid of soreness and ache. Your treatment will last for few sessions until your hair growth is completely retarded.

If we check benefits of this treatment, it is very much clear that it only damage dark and thick hair. Skin cells on the body are not damaged by laser. Dermatologist gave special ointments to apply on skin that protect skin cells from laser light. It took very less time to go through this treatment. For Example, hair from upper lip can be removed with in a minute. According to different studies, ninety percent patients have claimed that they get rid of laser after few sessions. You can suffer from a few side-effects like itchiness or soreness for a short time. You should read about laser equipments used in treatment. To get laser hair removal in Pakistan Lahore please call us +92-333-430-99 99

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