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Not just one laser unit can treat every kind of disorder. For example carbon dioxide laser is the most common type of laser used to remove superficial skin growth like wart, mole, skin tag, freckle, but in order to resurface the scar or wrinkle it need an accessories or modification. To remove tattoo of black color, Q-switched Nd:YAG, ruby,or alexandrite laser is effective, but a multicolor tattoo require at least 2-4 kinds of laser.

With an advance in laser technologies, now available a variety of laser types with specially designed to treat a specific problem or group of problems.





Presently we are offering laser treatment for the following problems or condition.



 Laser Treatments


Laser Rejuvenation

Laser Hair Removal
Neck, hand wrinkle
Crow feet
Botox injection
Acne, chickenpox car
White, red, black, brown scar
Melasma (chloasma)
Brown , red birthmarks
Hair removal
Scar , Keloid
Fat Transplantation.
Chin Augmentation
Photo- Facial Rejuvenation
Laser resurfacing
Stretch mark