Laser Hair Transplant -Hair Restoration Lahore

 Laser hair transplant clinic in Pakistan have different treatments options and laser light is being used to stimulate and strengthen the falling follicles. These miniaturized follicles convert into terminal hair and give volume and look improves in a significant way. There are various Laser devices manufactured all over the world but their purpose is same- hair restoration and re growth. FDA has cleared such laser devices after clinical trials and approved for baldness treatment, laser devices proved their efficacy and effectiveness. Laser Hair restoration therapy consists of many sessions and at least Laser treatment for hair loss should be used six to nine months and in some cases up to one year can be extended. We recommend laser treatments after hair transplant in Pakistan.

Laser hair restoration treatment in Pakistan is being practiced for the last few years successfully. Low level laser devices with certain wavelength or frequency are used to achieve this purpose. low level laser therapy is practiced for hair loss treatment.
How does laser therapy work? Low level laser emits light that stimulate the cells of the scalp that produce follicles. It is scientifically proved that respiration have been improved at cellular level due to this laser treatment for hair growth. This increase in respiration makes cells more active and there is increase influx of mineral ions across the cell membranes and as a result increase in the production of proteins and metabolic activity. This change in mineral ions influx spread from one cell to another cell and increase in the activity of new blood capillary network formation in the scalp. The process increases the oxygenation and nutrients supply to the follicles. Thus those follicles which are weak and miniaturized become stronger and healthy. Production of hair is stimulated and there is increase in the number of new hair and thickness, which gives volume to the hair and result is heavy or thick look and appearance. Laser hair restoration brings drastic changes if it is continues for certain period of time.

This laser therapy and transplant in Lahore is a simple treatment and patient has to take sessions and to sit down under the light emitting diodes and this light is absorbed by the scalp cells. During this laser therapy treatment there is no pain or burning and patient can read magazine or newspaper and return to work after laser treatment.The best way to know the progress of this laser treatment, take before and after pictures so that after complete treatment patient and doctor can see the improvement and regrowth of the hairs. The best hair restoration results are achieved between 6 to 12 months of laser therapy treatment.Laser devices and treatments are popular in USA and Europe and both men and women can get this pain free treatment and regain their hair that has been lost. Everyone is not a suitable candidate for treatment, to know about alternatives like hair replacement, hair transplantation in Pakistan read other web pages where you will find before and after hair transplant photo in Pakistan, FUE hair transplant Pakistan and follicular unit transplantation in Pakistan.