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Hair grows in tiny groups or bundles and these bundles are called follicles. The complete unit consists of hair,sebacious gland, root,nerves and vessel. These groups are called "Follicular units" they are now used in hair restoration surgery by surgeons. It has revolutionized modern hair transplantation surgery and restores your hair in just one or two sessions.


FUT  Hair Transplant Pakitan clinic?


Follicular Unit Transplantation is the usual technique to treat female and male pattern hair loss. This method also corrects natural looking transplants and repair eyebrows etc. It is the redistribution of follicular groups from the donor area into the bald areas of the patient. The follicular groups are removed by a narrow strip and then dissected carefully. In this method, your hair will look natural within 1 year after the surgery. In order to harvest follicular units from the back of the scalp without injuring them, the donor tissue must be cut in one narrow single piece. This technique is known as, “single strip harvesting and it’s an essential component of Follicular Unit Transplantation as it not only protects the follicular units, but also prevent damage (transaction) to the individual follicles.

This method has a significant advance over the older minigrafting and micro grafting techniques that used multiple bladed knives to remove the donor tissue, as these tools shatters follicular units and caused undesirable degrees of damage to follicles. The small follicular units are positioned into small, tiny incisions in your scalp and reduce damages. It also doesn't remove any tissues, unlike other older techniques like punch grafting and mini grafting techniques. Another technique is "Stereo Microscopic Dissection “it helps to remove follicular units from the strip without being injured and permits growing big amounts of grafts.


The major key to a natural looking transplanted hair is to have a natural look, hair should be emerging from the perfectly normal skin. The trauma or wound can be minimized by this technique and by trimming away the excess tissue around the follicular units and then adding them into small recipient sites on the patient's scalp. 4000 to 6000 FUs are extracted in one session. FUT hair transplant Pakistan clinic offer a very advanced method, the surgeons to carry out this technique carefully consider the needs of the patient and then operate him, to give a realistic, more natural new look.


Causes to choose FUT transplantation:


    -The major reason to go for this method is completely natural looking hair.

    -A single follicular unit holds more than just a bundle of hair. Other then hair it also contains nerves, blood vessels and a collagen sheath so when these units are transplanted to one's scalp, the tissues near them serves to protect them from drying and increase the chances that all the follicle in the single unit will grow.

    -The donor sites are very important; the small cut facilitates quick curing and cause less damage to the skin.

       -The hair gives a much denser look

     -Extraction of large numbers of grafts in each session gives sufficient grafts to generate a soft and natural frontal hairline.

      - The transplantation can be done quickly and the patient goes back to his normal activities pretty soon.


FUT offers:


     - It provides more natural-looking results to patients than other methods.

     - FUT hair transplant Pakistan clinic uses advance and up-to-date microscopes and machinery to maximize graft production and therefore gives better transplant results.

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