Hair Transplant in Islamabad

 Hair transplant in Islamabad is being carried out by FUE,FUT methods. The basic purpose is to restore hair back and gaining youthful look.Like other cities of the Pakistan, hair restoration in Islamabad also meets all international standards. Location and information of transplant clinics is available on the internet. Reputable and skilled surgeons are there to treat bald patients. Islamabad is a well-organized international city that is mainly the capital of Pakistan. It is the ninth biggest city of the country and has highest literacy ratio in Pakistan. All government owned companies have their headquarters in Islamabad. Foreigners visiting Pakistan usually prefer to stay at Islamabad. It has educational institutes of international standards. It also has the best health care system in the whole country. Both public and private health centers can be found there. Cosmetic surgery including hair loss treatment is also available in Islamabad.

How to find best hair transplant clinic in Islambad

Hair transplant in Islamabad meets all international set standards set by hair restoration surgeons. This hair treatment is the best in the country as compared to available in Lahore, Karachi or any other city. The reason is that Islamabad is a home of many influenced politicians, industrialists and bureaucrats. Elite class and richest people of the country are also residing in Islamabad. Most of them visit aboard before the availability of treatment in Pakistan. Hair transplantation was introduced mainly in Islamabad. People from different provinces of country also want to get their treatment here as compared to their own city. Well educated and renowned surgeons can be found in Islamabad. Most of these surgeons have got their specialization degrees from the famous universities of the world. They have a lot of experience of working in the reputed hospitals of the world. They usually charge high fees than surgeons in other cities of Pakistan. These surgeons give you high quality result after the surgery. You need to get an appointment several months before your treatment. High profile personalities and famous politicians have got their treatment from these surgeons. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is a leading hair surgeon with 15 years experience and expertise.


Why Fue hair restoration in Pakistan (Islamabad) is a Preferred Method


Many transplant clinics and hospitals are offering their services in Islamabad. These clinics have best surgeons and dermatologists of the country working with them. Some of these clinics are part of a chain of some internationally renowned clinics. They are equipped with the latest instruments used in transplant surgeries. They have also maintained good hygiene and cleanliness in their rooms. Well mannered and co-operative staff is there for your help and assistance. You can find advertisements of some clinics in reputable fashion magazine, daily newspaper or TV channels. Information about transplant clinics in Islamabad is also available on the internet. You can visit websites of many transplant clinics and select from them. You can also request before and after surgical photos of some patients from these clinics.Initial consultancy is free of cost. These help you in making a decision whether you want to go for your treatment with that clinic and surgeon or not. Both methods of transplant are available including follicular unit transplant and follicular unit extraction in Islamabad. You can find the clinics offering FUE abundantly in this city. Despite the high costs in the country, it still provides cheaper treatment than other big developed cities of the world. Bald people from the United States, Europe and other developed countries visit Islamabad to get a high quality treatment on a cheap price.

FUE Vs FUT (Strip) comparison

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a latest method which does not give scar. Below picture showing comparison of Strip surgery verses Fue Procedure. Linear scar of previous old technique is quite visible while Fue rounded marks heal in 4 to 5 days. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry can extract 4000-5000 Fue follicles per session and whole baldness covered in one session. You do not need to undergo hair transplant in Pakistan again and again now. Call now for appointment +92-333-430-99 99
FUT hair trransplant in Islamabd Scar