Improved Fue technology Lahore Pakistan


FUE is a common hair procedure and is being used by many doctors in Pakistan now. With advancements in FUE instruments, a surgeon’s life has become much easier now. Since the success of hair transplant depends upon a new instrument and staff that a doctor has. With lower transaction rates, now FUE has become an easy surgery. With these new advances now, FUE surgeons have now turned into specialized hair transplant physicians. With a new safe system, it is possible to have lower transection rates and minimum damage to scalp. A three step manual system makes transection much easier. A blunt circular punch is used to make the transection much easier for a doctor.  Another one is a powered safe scribe. This one is used to select punch from scalp and then perform an extract. It extracts follicles with minimum potential to damage . A transection is usually a very low one. It reduces time of a follicular unit extraction. So it reduces chances of post operative scarring and wounds.  Rotocore is another instrument using manual procedure. It automatically rotates the circular punch as it incises punch to make circular incision around FU. It helps and guides a physician to perform a successful hair transplant procedure. A feller FUE instrument is another one that is used to have FUE procedures in a single session. Isolation, incision and extraction all are performed in one session. A hair restoration procedure is performed with great ease and efficiency.


A core Isolation technique is a new procedure that is used to have a nice and efficient FUE procedure. It is also called a FIT, Follicular Isolation Technique. The basic purpose of this device is to get a single FU one at a time. A single extract is taken with the help of this instrument. Also, if performed and used by a skilled surgeon, the instrument yields great results. A better instrument yields to a better hair transplant.


NeoGraft is another device used to have lowered and minimized transection rates. A rate of 3% and lower is better. A rate above 5% isn’t feasible. With all these new instruments, it is now possible to have secure and efficient hair transplants now. A rotated sharp punch is used to take out a graft to be used in hair surgery.


A robotic FUE procedure is ideal to use. The Artas system is a new robotic instrument that is used to harvest FUs for hair restoration. This device is usually used to treat patients of alopecia and male patterned baldness. The robot uses and extracts small punch incisions and then takes out grafts. With the help of this latest device, 1000 FUs can be harvested per hour. Still with all these new instruments, whether a patient is suitable for a FUE or not, is determined by a doctor


Fue hair transplant  is performed by experienced hair restoration surgeon Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry in Lahore Pakistan and one can get 2000 to 4000 follicles in single session



Hair Loss is classified into different classes and male pattern baldness as above in the picture falls in Norwood Class 6 and required 2 sessions.


Immediately after hair transplant surgery in Lahore by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry MD (Paris),Visiting Associate Professor Claude Bernard University Lyon1 France. Dr Ahmad has hair transplant and hair restoration centre in Lahore.