Hair Transplant in Lahore

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 Significant procedure advances are refining day by day in the procedure of hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan. These advances include all sorts of surgical methods, such as hair restoration surgery. Interest in baldness treatment has augmented distinctly during the past decade. If you are embarrassed by balding or worried about speedy hair loss and wondering how to get rid of this problem,surgery is your answer.


Why one should go for hair restoration?


Most of us take thick head of hair for granted but it is only until it is gone. Baldness can be a serious problem when it comes to your self-confidence. The procedure certainly boost up your self-confidence by improving your appearance. You can look more healthy and young by bringing back the appearance of a full head. Before considering this method to solve your baldness problem, you should know that hair restoration does not include growth of new hair rather its redistribution from back to recipient area. 


How it works:


Hair transplant in Lahore is performed by Board Certified surgeon Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry and this  surgical techniques has improved on great level. Old techniques has been replaced with refined ones ensuring natural results without a glitch. The most common technique includes Strip Harvesting, that is; removal of follicles from a “donor site” and insertion of grafts in “recipient site”. Since every man’s baldness type is different, a single surgical treatment method may not be perfect for every patient. Two standard transplant methods are:

 1-Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT): FUT method is widely considered to be most effective in nature. It includes removal of follicular units from a donor strip taken from donor area. It includes success rate of more than 95%.

2.      2-Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): In FUE method single follicle units are extracted directly from donor area by a micro-punch, follicle by follicle and then transplanted to targeted area.


Once the strips are removed, these are divided into several hundred smaller grafts. These grafts are then inserted into little slits into scalp in appropriate direction. While insertion of tiny grafts, natural appearance e.g; along the hairline is most significant point. A physician may help you decide which single method is best for you or a combination of both methods can give you the desired result.


After Surgery:


When you get finished with surgery, your surgeon may choose to apply a dressing if needed. This dressing remains for 1-2 days. If the surgery included stitches, they are generally removed within 10 days. Your scalp and head may feel a bit tight with ache. This problem can be controlled with medication. The “After Surgery” part is very important, it is crucial for you to notice any kind of long-lasting change. The common problems are swelling and scabbing but these should not last for more than one week. The patients should strictly follow the post-operative instructions by their surgeon.


Risks and Cost:

 Hair transplant cost in Lahore Pakistan mainly depends on amount of grafts to be placed. Like every other surgical procedure, the procedure also includes certain risks such as infection and bleeding. When new hair growth starts, some people may experience inflammation of follicles, this is called Folliculitis. It can be controlled by antibiotics and compresses. One may also experience scarring or unnatural-looking growth along with sudden loss of transplanted hair. But luckily this kind of hair loss is rare in nature. These risks can be avoided by performance of surgery in healthy state. A healthy body improves the chances of a successful surgery. Some Developing countries offer excellent services at reasonable price and hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan is very economical.


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