Fue Hair Transplant in Pakistan

 Hair transplant procedure can significantly improve the appearance and self-confidence in patients who are bald. However, it is important to remember that hair restoration procedure cannot create new hair. It can only move the follicles you already have from the back of the scalp to the front. Most patients undergoing a hair restoration procedure have male or female pattern baldness. Patients must still have thick hair on the back or sides of the scalp to have enough follicles to move. In some cases, patients with alopecia from lupus, injuries, or other medical problems may be treated with a transplant surgery. Hairs play a vital role in enhancing personality of a person. But when someone is suffering from baldness, it is alarming. As compared to non surgical treatments, Surgical procedure must be opted because they help in hair restoration permanently and within a short time period. Hair loss is a condition that can lead to baldness in men and women. It is normal if you are losing up to hundred hairs every day. But when this amount exceeds or you began to notice bald patches, you are suffering from male or female pattern baldness. Many causes and reasons are there that can cause baldness. Such as women who passed through childbirth can notice frequent hairs fall after and during pregnancy. Often people got stress and tension that makes hairs to fall. The most common cause of baldness is hereditary and genetic. Male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness affects million of the people every year. Different treatments are available to get rid of this problem. In past, herbal treatments and medicines were used to prevent pattern baldness and to get the lost hairs back on the scalp. In this time, hair transplants are available that help people. They are the permanent and most effective treatment  available these days.

When no other medicine or ointment is working for this problem, dermatologist recommends hair transplantation. In some cases, people prefer to get this procedure when they are suffering from baldness. The reason is that unlike medicine, this transplant surgery restores hair in few months. Hairs are on the scalp for the lifetime and they are not affected by any genetic condition or hormonal imbalance. It is impossible to distinguish between transplanted and natural hairs. You do not need to take special care of your new transplanted grafts. You can use all those shampoos, oils and hair care product that you were using in past. Fue hair transplant in Pakistan Lahore is a surgical method of male and female pattern baldness by transferring follicles from dense area of the scalp to the bald portion. Like other surgeries, It is also performed by a surgeon that is specialized in this field. Local anesthesia is injected on the scalp of patient before surgery to save him from any pain or discomfort. There are two available procedures for baldness treatment; follicular unit transplant and follicular unit extraction.

In follicular unit transplant,follicles are harvested with help of a thin strip from the back side of the scalp.Follicles that have been extracted are placed under a microscope where they get separated from each other. Wound in the donor area is stitched or stapled by the surgeon. Tiny slits are made into recipient sites of the scalp with help of micro needles or micro surgical baldes. Grafts are transplanted in these sites in a proper direction. When it comes to follicular unit extraction, follicles are obtained with the help of a tiny punch (Neograft) like instrument that is used to create tiny cuts around each follicle. After this, Follicles are extracted individually with forceps by the surgeon or suction device called neograft. Hundreds of tiny holes remain on the donor are of the scalp. Recipient sites and transplantation process is same as it is in follicular unit transplant. Our hair restoration surgeon will select a best method according to your level of baldness.We are providing hair transplant in Pakistan. People come from all across Pakistan and abrod for this procedure.