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Hair transplant surgery is an ideal solution for hair loss or baldness and it is a simple procedure under local anesthesia. Hair surgeon takes hair follicles from the back of the head or donor area and transplant these micro grafts into the bald area. Each person is different from other and hair surgery procedure should be considered on individual basis. Number of hair varies in each follicle from 1 to 3.The single hair follicles are best for frontal hairline as these single hair follicles give natural and undetectable results. The frontal hairline is the hallmark of every good surgery. These transplanted hair shed after three to six weeks of surgery. Then there is regrowth of transplanted hair after 3 months from procedure. These hair grow naturally and with the same growth rate as other normal hair.Pakistan hair transplant clinic provides excellent result in hair transplantation.

Hair density is another issue for hair treatment procedure. If there is less number of grafts in one square cm then there is see-through effect and bald skin would be visible and aesthetically not appreciated results. At our hair transplant treatment clinic Lahore Pakistan we place 30-40 follicles in each square cm giving the impression of good hair density and full appearance.

Our  surgeon examines each patient’s scalp individually so that he can see the flexibility and extensibility of the scalp and estimate how much follicles could be harvested. If the scalp is tight then less number of follicles can be harvested and simultaneously it is difficult to close that scalp. The ideal situation is high density and more flexible scalp because then greater number of grafts can be separated. Hair grow in different directions and our team keep in mind natural direction of the hair while placing each follicle. We not only consider natural direction rather natural curve of as well, while transplanting into the recipient area. At our hair restoration surgery center Lahore, our surgeon closely examines the hair texture and structure as well. If some one has coarser hair, less number of grafts are needed to cover the area as coarse hair cover the more area. Fine hair are thin in diameter and have less bulk so more grafts or follicles required to cover the area. We do concentrate and examine curl of the hair, as curly hair cover even greater area and require less number of grafts. These curly and wavy hair give excellent result in hair transplantation. On the other hand straight hair gives less dense appearance as these hair tend to lie against the scalp.

Our expert also notes colour of the hair at initial consultation. Hair colour closer to the skin color, gives better appearance. Excellent result in surgery is only possible if there is experienced team and surgeon .A best surgeon is one who considers future hair loss in mind and proper family history of hair loss while planning for hair restoration procedure. While designing of frontal hairline should be kept in mind at several points and hair center in Pakistan is the center of excellence in hair transplantation procedure. Our Surgeon does consider that natural hairline vary from person to person, shape of the person, age of the person and future hair loss. Lahore hair transplant treatment clinic Lahore Pakistan always suggest frontal half for hair restoration first as this area frames the face and makes impressive and dramatic changes in one’s life. The procedure in Pakistan is performed with well equipped operation theater and have state of the art facility for hair restoration surgery. our theater is equipped with stereo-microscopes and trained technicians with more than 12 years of experience in hair surgery.

Cost of Procedure in Pakistan

“Hair loss treatment in Pakistan “is affordable and our average cost is between 1000 to 1800 $ and results are comparable to any center of the western world. Hair transplant, hair transplantation, hair replacement, hair loss solutions or treatments are based on individual. Every person is not candidate for hair restoration or transplant surgery. our hair tranplant patients come from all over pakistan including Karachi,Islamabad,Peshawar and Quetta.

Best hair loss surgery

Best hair loss surgery is miracle as it changes complete appearance and shape of the person.Hair loss surgery started from Japan initially for eye brows or eyelashes but today hair restoration is complete field and cosmetic surgeons,plastic surgeons and physicians are performing all over the world.The best hair loss surgery restores the hair on the balding area which is not possible previously.Hair surgery is not the initial step in hair restoration.The first step is medically hair restoration and when medical hair restoration fails then comes the best hair loss surgery.

What is best hair loss surgery?

The best hair loss srgery is the use of perfect hair restoration technique to restore hair on the bald area and change the look of the person that no one can judge or detect any sign of surgery when hair growth occur in later months.This means there should be no mistake in the hair transplantation.

The best hair loss surgery is costly or one may ask what is the cost of best hair loss surgery in Pakistan.The cost of procedure in lahore-Pakistan is affordable and not costly.Now the cost of  in Pakistan is not beyound the reach of common man.

The best hair loss surgery is so perfect that new cutting technique allows hair to be transplanted in the bald area in such a way that these newly transplanted hair grow in their natural direction.

The characteristics of best hair loss surgery are affordablity, less side effects,no pain or very minimal discomfort at the time of local anesthesia or whole  procedure.

Hair loss is treatable and can be cured on permanent basis by best hair loss surgery.If some one has DHT related hair loss then this kind of hair loss is treatable and most common hair loss variety in men is DHT related hair loss.At the start of hair loss,one should take Minoxidil or finestride so that there would be less hair loss.

What type of Baldness can be treated in Pakistan?

Our clinic in lahore is treating various kind of hair loss ,alopecia and baldness routinely.There are several causes of hair loss in men and women.these are as follows:-

1. High fever
2. Inadequate protein intake
3. Severe infection
4. cancer treatment
5. Thyroid disease
6. childbirth
7. Birth control pills

Some of these causes are reversible and just need proper evaluation and diagnosis and does not require hair restoration procedure.

The most common cause among male is male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia which is being treated successfully at our clinic in Pakistan.
This condition is normally inherited by either side of the parents and it starts when the person is in his teenage.
Women do not face complete baldness with this disease rather considerable thinning.
The baldness which occurs as a result of accidents,operations and inflammatory diseases of the scalp ,can also be treated successfully by surgical hair restoration procedure at Pakistan hair transplant and laser cosmetic clinic.

The technique Now a days which is effective for the treatment of baldness is single Follicular .

For the last few years this technique becomes even more better due to rapid progress in this field.

  • Use of binocular microscope so that follicles can cut in complete unit.
  • Use of slit instead of punches
  • Planning of sessions of HT as baldness progresses.
  • Most Important is to have a trained team of HT with surgeons.
  • Progress in the technique of local Anesthesia due to which HT becomes a painless procedure.
  • This progress is excellent and characterized by natural and definitive results. The most important aspect is patient's satisfaction after single follicular hair transplantation.

Ultra Refined Follicular Unit H.T. 

This technique is gold standard now a days at our hair clinic Lahore Pakistan. we can achieve naturalness and heavy density or fullness in one session .we can do dense pack with micro or cut to size surgical blades, just in 1 square centimeter area with tiny incisions our trained staff can place 45 to 80 follicular unit grafts.
our major focus is on ultra refined technique as it is much more superior technique due to various reasons.

. There is rapid healing
.Skinny hair grafts instead of chubby
.No swelling of recipient area.
.Minimal redness after surgery which clears in few days.
.The hallmark of this technique is tiny incisions, smaller blades and more grafts.
Dr.ahmad chaudhry follows the trends and latest research internationally and introduced this new technique for hair restoration surgery in Pakistan.

Different Stages of the procedure:















This latest Single Follicular Slit Graft Technique is a surgical procedure based on the fact that hair follicles from side and back of the head are genetically programmed to grow. With this new technology,  we transplant one hair at one time. The final result is Guaranteed Healthy 100% naturally growing hair with no scars and no side-effects.




 The result is obvious in 3 to 6 months. The growth of the transplanted Hair is 1cm per month.

The new hair grow like normal hair and you can cut these hair regularly.


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