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Hair grows everywhere on the human skins except the palm of our hands and soles of feet. Hair is made up of protein called “Keratin”. It can also be transplanted in identical twins with same genetic makeup. The main concerns you have to consider before going through hair restoration are:


Whose hair will be transplanted?


What are the donor sites of scalp?


What are some other visual considerations?


How thick or thin the hair is?


Does skin or hair colour affect the process of hair transplantation?


How many procedures do one need?


What is the cost?


After getting answer to all these questions…one goes under the hair restoration process.


 There are several factors which lead to the loss of hair such as:


ØThe change in hormones or genes.


ØStress or illness.


ØCertain medical conditions.


ØSome cosmetic procedures.




According to recent latest researches, the famous hair experts inform us that 50—100 hair per day is fairly common. However we can use simple hair loss home remedie on daily basis to reduce hair fall and restore them for a long time. We can use coconut, garlic, onion, Juice, eggs, oil because these all are natural hair loss remedies for hair re-growth. Hair transplantation can be an effective method for restoring hair. Other methods are also available for the patients, who do not want to go under surgery. Surgeons used several plastic surgery methods to re-distribute the donor hair. There are three main categories of surgical restoration now a days which are usually summarized as follows:


1)FUE- Follicular Unit Extraction


2) FUT- Follicular Unit Transplant or strip procedure.


3) Body hair transplant 


All three are used now a days but most common are the auto graft techniques known as “Micro-grafting”, “Mini-grafting” and “Follicular Unit Transplantation”.  Scalp flaps is restricted because of the higher failure rate. Alopecia Reduction Surgery is also a popular method in the past. Some cosmetic problems arise like irregular shape of bald area. Fue is really a very popular and safe method for hair restoration after a careful consideration of many famous Hair Transplantation Surgeons. During this method, the patients can sit or stand, eat or drink even jumping and dancing. Some advantages of this technique are:


ØNo linear scars.


ØMinimal discomfort


ØQuicker healing and less recovery time.


ØLess risk of bleeding.


Minimal damage to blood vessels occurs. It is beneficial for the patients who prefer short hair styles. The researchers had previously found certain cells that cause hair growth called “Derma Papilla cells” which were used to create new follicles. Later on they discovered that these cells can lost their ability to produce hair follicles with the passage of time. However, Hair restoration may never be an option for such a person who has lost all their hair and nothing is left to start the Hair transplantation process by any method. However there is still last hope for such patients provided they have enough body hair for extraction and placement in the scalp. Hair cloning will be another future hope for donor area depleted patients.  Most popular treatments at our hair restoration clinic in Lahore are :- Fue hair transplant, PRP hair treatment, Hair regrowth injections, hair fall prevention treatments, Mesotheray for hair, beard ,mostache transplant, facial and body hair transplant. 


 Hair restoration clinic Lahore results


Post Op Day 1 by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry - 2500 Follicles were transplanted in one session.