Hair implant Lahore

Hair implant for hair loss and baldness in Lahore


Hair loss occurs in male and female. Hair loss is more in men than in women. Lack of hair on the scalp increase the risk of skin cancer and actinic disease on the scalp. Male pattern baldness or thinning of hair can be cured selectively.

Baldness or balding is a major cosmetic concern in both male and female and this can be treated by hair transplantation or graft transplantation. Grafts transplantation is most common cosmetic procedure among male. There are plenty of products and market is full of these products which claim to treat hair fall and hair loss. These products include oils, shampoos, hair care products, serums, scalp massagers, laser combs, laser treatment . These products does not prevent falling of hair significantly except these products increase the volume and resulting in dense hair than before start of these products.There are two exceptions which are cleared and approved by FDA: minoxidil and finastride which have benefit on small scale but there clinical impact is proven.

Graft transplantation understanding greatly improves our understanding regarding hair transplantation procedure. Our knowledge about hair transplant  follicle, graft, implants procedure expands only after reading articles about hair transplant surgery. Hair transplantation is treatment of choice for baldness treatment.