Fue Hair Transplant Pakistan Lahore

Fue hair transplant in Lahore is a best solution for hair loss and alopecia patients.The procedure is a pain free and without discomfort.It is a method of baldness treatment in which grafts are extracted from donor area and placed into recipient or bald area. In this method, a small surgical cut of one millimeter is made in the skin with help of a needle like device. Unlike Follicular unit Transplantation (FUT), follicles are extracted directly from the scalp with the help of tiny punches without any incision and stitches.As far as history of FUE is concerned, it is first explained by the Japanese dermatologist . He discovered the small punch to pull out follicles from the skin. He modified the idea of large punch given by a New York dermatologist in early 1950s. Harvesting follicles by using large punch used to leave large marks on head which were white in color. Small punch which is used widely these days are as small as 0.6 millimeter and they leave tiny marks.Two American surgeons were first who explained FUE in their publication in early 2000s. In 2007 meeting of the International Society of air Restoration Surgery, some equipment related to FUE was conversed. In 2008 meeting, they discussed robotic equipment used in FUE. "Artas System" is one of the best examples of robotic devices used today. It is used to carry out the vital job of recognizing the appropriate grafts. There are different devices for Fue hair transplant in Pakistan Lahore mostly brought from USA or Europe.


Neograft Fue hair transplant in Pakistan

"Neograft" is another system to remove follicular units from scalp. There are still very small numbers of surgeons around the world who can carry out Follicular unit extraction. Reason is that a lot of time and practice is needed in learning this technique of hair restoration.

Fue Procedure:

It is a fine  process with multiple steps involved in FUE. First, a tiny punch is used to mark the skin in the region of a follicular unit. In second step, a small hollow needle is penetrated into the flexible tissues nearby that unit. Only one follicle is extracted from scalp at a time. Third step involves separating follicular units from nearby tissues and extracting it from the skin. As a result, a tiny hole in left behind which usually takes a few days to cure. Several small white marks remained there on scalp, but after hair is fully grown, they became invisible to human eye. FUE is ideally helpful for those who are on the beginning or advance phase of hair loss. This method is not limited to scalp only, but is also performed on moustache and eyebrows. It is much expensive than other methods of hair restoration however Fue hair transplant in Pakistan Lahore made affordable to every one. Like every other surgical methods, risks are also associated with this method. If a person is suffering from frequent hair loss, he should opt for other method other than FUE. Patients who use Follicular unit extraction are usually healed fast as comparative to those who use Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). Risk of permanent nerve damage is also associated with FUT. FUE is less painful as compared to FUE. In both methods, it is important to take appropriate measures to maintain the transplanted hair. We have competency and skill to transplant 4000-5000 fue grafts in a single session at our Fue hair transplant Pakistan Lahore clinic.

Fue hair transplant Pakistan Lahore before and after