Follicular hair transplant (FUT)

Follicular Unit Transplantation- the Best Hair transplantation Procedure

Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) is best hair transplantation procedure in Pakistan. Hair transplantation (FUT) procedure is very much important in achieving the result of hair transplantation according to the expectation of the individuals. Baldness can be restored into full and thick head with hair transplantation (FUT) technique. Hair transplantation is becoming more popular due to the advancement of technology and trust of the people as hair transplantation does not have pain and discomfort. Hair transplantation is affordable in Pakistan.
Follicular unit transplantation is considered best hair transplantation procedure. After the evolution of Follicular unit hair transplantation technique, previous techniques are old dated and due to different reasons.

What is Follicular unit Transplantation or FUT hair transplantation?

Follicular unit hair transplantation is a hair restoration and hair growth techniques where patient’s hair from the donor area are transplanted into naturally occurring groups of 1-4 hair without disturbing their integrity and natural grouping into the bald or recipient area. These follicular units contain sebaceous glands, nerves and muscle and in this way it would become a unit.

Follicular unit transplantation is one of the best hair transplantation procedures in Pakistan and Pakistan hair transplant centre proudly doing this procedure on selective basis as every case is different from other case. Our hair transplant surgeon recommends best hair transplantation procedure after evaluating and initial consultation. The result of this hair transplant surgery procedures are reliable and time tested. The follicular units or grafts are taken from the donor strip under microscopic dissection and separated them as naturally occurring groups.
Follicular unit transplantation gives natural and thick look with heavy hair density on the frontal hairline. The other major advantage of follicular hair transplantation is its small size of the slits or punctures for hair implantation. As the there are tiny incisions so healing is quick and rapid. Due to this tiny incisions or slits or punctures there is dense packing of hair grafts .There is less damage to the nerves and vessels and redness after follicular hair transplantation would be obviously less.

Follicular unit Transplantation works well and gives best hair density on the bald area. Hair transplantation should be performed by an experienced hair transplant surgeon as hair transplant surgeon creates his artistic work for display to the outer world. The competency and skill of hair transplant surgeon can be judged from his result, scar on the donor area as well as natural mimicking frontal hairline.
FUT or Follicular unit Transplantation in Lahore is most popular treatment for hair restoration and hair growth. FUT is mostly advised for hair loss and bald people. We will put more information about hair transplantation, about hair transplant ,hair transplant techniques in Lahore, hair transplantation in Pakistan and how hair growth become visible in other sections of the website.