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29 Jun

What is Pigmentation?

What is Pigmentation Laser Treatment in Lahore

Hyper pigmentation (melasma) is a common disease in Pakistan. There are many reasons for this pigmentation and sun exposure, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy and post-inflammatory pigmentation major contributors in hyper pigmentation. Pigmentation is more common in Female due to hormonal problems. This is a disorder due to excessive production of female hormones estrogens and progestron during pregnancy which causes excessive production of melanin pigment when exposed to the Sun. As a consequence there are dark patches on the forehead, cheeks, lip, and nose.
Over production of melanin due to hormones is one major reason and there are other causes as well like genetic predisposition and stress. Melanocyte –stimulating hormones are influenced by stress and causes production of melanin and result is melasma or hyper pigmentation. Oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy can cause pigmentation as well.

29 Jun

Acne Scars Treatment Lahore

How to get rid of pimples acne Scars treatment in Lahore. There are lots of home treatments and everyone has pimples on face during teenage or adult life. Acne is a common term and medically it is called Acne Vulgaris. This process starts from white heads and blackheads. For some people blackheads are a major problem and they search how to remove blackheads. When you visit skin care clinic, after initial examination, most likely some anti biotic creams, lotions and anti acne creams are suggested. Sometimes combination of treatments are started simultaneously like microdrmabrasion, chemical peeling and laser Therapy. 

Red , black acne scars treatment in Lahore 

There are three types of acne scars A- Red spots B- Black or brown spots 3- Holes or depression called pitted acne scars.  Best treatment to remove such kind of skin problems is laser skin resurfacing. It is an effective and quick treatment to remove red, brown spots or marks of acne. Pitted acne scars need multiple sessions of fractional laser skin resurfacing to get optimal results. Chemical peeling is another option to treat active pimples on face or body. There are different kinds of chemical peelings available to get rid of blackheads, whiteheads and acne marks. The most common side effect is burning and demarcation line from peeling.The role of cosmetic or plastic surgery in the treatment of pitted acne scar is obvious but most of the people don’t want to adopt this surgical option due to fear and side effects. The options in cosmetic and plastic surgery to cure pitted acne scars are skin grafting, punch out depression, excision, stitches, silicone injections and collagen filling. These are traditional remedies available in cosmetic and plastic surgery but all these options have some advantages and disadvantages.

The best option to treat pitted acne scars is Laser skin resurfacing. What is laser skin resurfacing—it is a process with laser where new skin formation and replacement occur in due course of time. There are two kinds of laser being used to treat acne scarring, one is ablative laser skin resurfacing and other is non ablative skin resurfacing. The difference between these two treatments is one remove the skin and other does not remove the skin in simple terminology. This is latest trend in cosmetic Dermatologic surgery all over the world. There are very effective lasers available to cure this disfigurement of the skin and correction of the skin possible. Our Laser cosmetic clinic in Lahore –Pakistan has latest lasers like Fraxel, Fractional Alma Laser, Cool Touch -3, Medlite C-6 lasers.


What is cost of acne scars treatment in Lahore ?

The cost of laser skin resurfacing is affordable. Our skin and cosmetic laser centre in Lahore, charges are economical which starts from 6000 to 10,000 rupee. How many treatment sessions required. It is only possible after initial FREE consultation from our skin specialist.How to make appointment? Just call our helpline for appointment +92-333-430-99 99

28 Jun

Hair Transplant scar Correction

Hair transplant scar due to previous surgeries on the donor area can be corrected through scar revision and fue hair transplantation. Advanced Fue procedure enables scar free and stitches free hair restoration. There were two kinds of procedures which left permanent scar on the back and sides of the scalp. Follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) where a strip is removed from the safe donor area and stitches were placed in the donor area for scar closure. Hair from this strip were taken and dissected and single follicles were implanted into the bald area.

26 Jun

Hair Transplant Cost Pakistan

Why people prefer to get hair transplant in Pakistan. The simple reason is  hair transplant cost in Pakistan is economical and affordable. Hairs are important for the look and appearance of a person and crowning glory and most of the people believe it. As people are becoming older, thinning and decrease in the glow and volume of hair becomes visible. Hair loss is a part of aging process . some people suffer more hair loss than others, it is due to genetics . Baldness is a polygenic in nature. Hair loss is unavoidable; however there are different ways and methods to cover it up. One of the most popular ways is to restore by hair transplant and hair restoration surgery. You will learn about  cost and prices in Pakistan.

26 Jun

Best hair transplant surgeon

 Best hair transplant surgeon in Pakistan

Hair transplantation is a best treatment for baldness. Pakistan hair transplant clinic makes it sure to give you full head of hair regardless of your age and you continue to enjoy your life. There are various methods and techniques to give treatments but nothing is permanent except hair restoration. It is a cosmetic surgery procedure and your appearance depends upon result, due to the cost of the procedure and delicate nature of procedure, one should always select best hair transplant surgeon in Pakistan. The surgeon is not only a doctor rather doctor should have aesthetic sense as well. It is a skill as well as artistry and we give best result by Pakistan’s best surgeon. You will be happy after this cosmetic surgery procedure and you will get best result from best  surgeon’s clinic in Pakistan.