Available Treatment Options.

Vitiligo cure Treatment options in Pakistan- Vitiligo is a skin disorder that makes discolored patches appear on the skin. These patches can be made less prominent and can be temporarily disappeared but there is no assurance that these will not occur again.The skin is built of several layers and in one of the inner layers of human skin, malanocytes are present. The function of melanocytes is to increase in number when exposed to sunlight so that the ultraviolet rays are not absorbed by the body. It can be said that they form a shield to protect the body from effects of UV rays. The melanocytes are the reason we have a skin color. People who have a darker skin tone have more melanocytes than people who are fair. In case a person suffers from vitiligo, the production of melanin is hampered and therefore there are uneven patches of very fair or dark spots. This disorder can be treated to make the appearance look better but unfortunately it cannot be eliminated totally. The individuals suffering from vitiligo or leucoderma in Pakistan can experience an aggravated discoloration if under stress or suffering any viral infection. Vitiligo cure in Lahore Pakistan like many other countries is not a short term treatment but requires a long time for the results to appear. A person must invest at least 6 to 18 months. There are different treatments available for the different degrees of vitiligo. The commonest treatment is photo therapy which is used to lighten the dark spots and homogenize the skin tone. The photo rays are focused at the point where there is a patch and the energy invigorates the melanocytes to some extent.

Permanent Treatment of Vitiligo Lecoderma in Pakistan

Photo Therapy is not a permanent vitiligo cure. Other treatments available are the depigmentation and steroid injections. The response of every individual is different to the different treatments and there is a chance that some people might not respond to certain treatments at all. There are many medical therapies available for vitiligo cure, which include topical solutions as well. These can be used to bring about significant improvement. The topical steroid therapy is a steroid cream that repigments, or returns the color to the skin. These creams work better if they are used at an initial stage of vitiligo. As with all therapies available for vitiligo treatment in Pakistan, these creams take up at least three months of continuous use to deliver results. It must be known to the patient that these creams can cause side effects. All the treatments ust be properly prescribed by a specialist who observes the skin and then chooses the medicine or treatment that is best for his patient. Psoralen photochemotherapy is also a popular vitiligo treatment but it is used in cases of severe vitiligo and has magnanimous side effects such as hair loss and vision issues. This treatment is time consuming and requires a lot of care to avoid side effects. The photochemotherapy is not available everywhere in the world and is offered in modern medical facilities such as the United States. Depigmentation is another result yielding treatment that is widely available as vitiligo cure. Some people also opt for this surgery to appear white although in those cases, extreme care is required along with limited exposure to the sun. It can be said that for vitiligo, this is the best treatmet available and can cure the disorder to a great extent. Some of the side effects of depigmentation are itching, inflammation and redness. Any person who undergoes this treatment will develop a perpetual sensitivity towards sunlight exposure.Vitiligo cure is now available for the small percentage of people who face this disorder, however the cure is not always permanent. Natural treatment of Vitiligo lecoderma in Pakistan is sometimes work and most of time failure of treatment on extensive level. Vitiligo success rate depends upon stage of lecoderma. Vitiligo on lips, eyebrows, joint ,fingers and feet is difficult to treat. To get an appointment for vitiligo treatment in Lahore Pakistan please call us +92-333-430-99 99