Auto-inject hair transplantation

No Touch Auto inject hair transplant in Pakistan

No touch auto inject hair transplant in Pakistan is being marketed as latest hair transplant surgery technique. This statement is far from reality, misleading and marketing tactics. This device called auto injector is made in Korea and it was used by Dr.Kim in South Korea. It is hair implantation device and is not used in USA and Western Europe due to following reasons.

1-There is handling issue with grafts. As name indicates it is automatic hair transplant method, actually technicians hold the grafts with the help of Forceps and place the grafts inside the tube of auto injector. By holding and placing the grafts many times with forceps there is maximum chances of mechanical trauma and survival rate is decreased and as a result less growth of the hair. Thus there is increase in the failure rate. This No Touch Auto Inject technique is not used and practiced due to this reality in Europe and America.

2-      It is not FDA approved device and made in Korea and this device does not fulfill the requirements of international standard.

3-      The results are not good as compared to those methods which are currently being used in USA and Europe.

4- Time consumption of filling the auto injector is more due to manual filling and as a result time of follicle placing increased, failure rate also increased proportionally.

5-      As this is Korean technique, it is being used in developing countries due to poor rules and regulations. 

6-      If someone wants to know reality of this No touch auto inject technique, one may visit

7- No touch hair transplant in Pakistan is popular and most of the hair transplant clinics are not following international standard and FDA guide lines.

8-As this technique is not used in USA and Europe, some hair transplant clinics in Pakistan claims they are pioneer and invented this technique which is another false claim. This device is invented by Dr.Kim and Dr.Choi in South Korea.

9- It is time consuming technique and result is not superior to those hair restoration surgery techniques currently being used in developed countries like USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany and Australia.
10- Hair Transplant cost in Pakistan with No Touch auto injector technique should be lowered as instruments are made in Korea and there is less cost involved for instrument purchase.

11- It is strongly recommended to take two to three hair transplantation consultations abroad so that you know reality about hair restoration technique. If it is not possible you can email to the top hair transplant clinics of the world and ask about No Touch Auto inject technique so that you know which hair transplant surgery technique is latest and best for your baldness treatment.

No Touch (Auto Inject) Hair Transplant in Pakistan or abroad is full of Touching but due to misleading marketing ,called No Touch Technique.Above pictures show steps of touching in No Touch Method.