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Acne scar treatment in Lahore Pakistan through latest FDA approved fractional and fraxel lasers by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry.Acne scars are one of the common problems among teenagers and elders. For teenagers may get rid of them over time there are many other cases like in accident, injury and illness where the marks stay for life leading to many difficulties for the person having them. Acne scars are the marks, curves and depths that are left on the skin when the pimples went off. They are very different from pigmentation and other skin infections. Due to bacterial infection and excessive skin oil, the skin tissues start bulging till it looks like an enlarged bump. Marks are formed at this time but you cannot see them at that point. Later on, as the bump goes off, it leaves a curved depth similar to that of a pit on the skin. These marks sometime fade away after a certain period of time but in other cases they are with you for the remaining period of your life. It all depends on how sever the acne problem itself was. 


Now the question arises how does it occur? As explained earlier, scars appear because your skin tissue is damaged and is not able to heal properly. This can be due to poor cleaning of the skin which may cause the bacteria to pile up and damage the skin. Human body has a mechanism to reply to any of the skin damage by releasing a number of white blood cells on the place. These white cells go to the damaged place and start restoring the damage of the skin and this is because of these white cells that we do not get any infection. Restoration occurs but sometimes it’s not complete and cannot get back to what it was previously because the tissue is gone. This is the point when marks are left forever on the skin. These marks are not physical but also have a great psychological effect on the life of the person having it.

There are many other reasons as well due to which people suffer from this disease. It might be due to lack of a particular mineral in the body. Sometimes when the body is deficient in zinc, such pimples start appearing. In some cases a medicine may provide the right balance in your body and you may get rid of acne. But these drugs usually take a long time a minimum of 2-3 months and can be even much more than that. The best option is to go for a laser surgery which can provide you the best results.

People who have gone through the laser therapy have reported very positive results. A large majority of patients after recovery have expressed their satisfaction with it. The treatment is done only once in the life of the person so you don’t get the chance to get feedback again and again. Patients who are interested in getting laser surgery want to enhance their appearance. They get rid of their depression and boost their self-confidence with this treatment.

Now days advanced laser technologies are available which treat acne scars and age spots. Through these procedures bad skin areas can be removed very smoothly and easily in a matter of minutes. You can benefit from them for the remaining period of your life. A good clinic and a good surgeon play a vital role in surgery. The degree of skin clearing can be determined according to that. You can contact a reputable clinic for initial advice and to get some more information. They can always suggest you regarding the type of system and the cost and time involved in the procedure.

You can get a cheap priced laser treatment to get rid of Acne Scars from your skin on affordable prices then you need to visit cosmetic laser skin clinic in Lahore where Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry offers free Consultation.


Acne treatment Lahore

Acne is a common problem and leave three types of side effects, brown pigmentation,red spots and pitted scar. However treatment with Fraxal, fractional lasers is available in Lahore. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is a laser surgery specialist with 14 years experience and treated thousand such case.

acne treatment lahore

Post inflamatory hyperpigmentation, pitted acne scars and active acne - typical picture of acne and its complication. There is no need to worry as latest lasers to treat cosmetic problems are available in Pakistan.


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