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Laser skin resurfacing is used to revive and refresh your skin by giving it a much younger look. After emergence of new laser techniques, it is also used to remove wrinkles, scars, acne and spots from the skin. With help of this new technology, dermatologist or plastic surgeon can accurately treat particularly the sensitive parts of skin.

You can go for resurfacing, if you have wrinkles and lines under the area of your eyes, on your cheeks as well on your forehead. Some times scars are left on skin from diseases like chicken pox and small pox and these can also be treated. It is a blessing for Asian people who have whitish and yellow skin tone because it can improve their complexion. Those whose skin is damaged by higher exposure to sunlight are also beneficiaries of resurfacing. Aging lines and effects on skins are totally removed. Moles and other birth marks are also treated from this process. But if you want to remove regular or periodical pimples on your skin, you should opt for some other method. It is much important to get recommendation from your dermatologist before planning your skin resurfacing because it deals only with minor flaws on the skin.

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  Lasers which are used for resurfacing are particularly of two types. One is "Co2 Laser Resurfacing," which treats scars, marks, wrinkles and moles. Very low laser energy is used to remove thin layers of the skin. Surgeon skillfully removes one layer after another in a very careful and delicate way. After this treatment, a patient needs up to fourteen days to recover. In second method "Erbium Laser Resurfacing," outer layer of skin is removed. This method is particularly used for those who got deep lines or deep scars. It saves nearby tissues of skin from getting damaged due to exposure of laser light. Some side- effects like soreness, redness and itchiness are caused as a result. It takes no more than seven days to get recovered after treatment. This is ideal for those people who have a darker skin tone.

Whenever you are planning to get resurfacing, you need to find an expert dermatologist in your area. You need to consult him that whether you need a treatment or not. He will also guide you what type of laser you need for your resurfacing. You need to show your medical history and to tell about sensitive areas of your skin. You will be advised to stop all such activities which can prolong your healing. Antibiotics can be used after treatment to save treated area from infection. Remember it is used only to improve your skin. It cannot make your skin totally perfect.

This treatment usually lasts for thirty to forty five minutes, but if whole face is treated, it will take almost one hundred and twenty minutes. After treatment, it is required to clean area about five times a day. It is also necessary to apply some moisture or gel on the skin otherwise skin will become dry.

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