Eye Wrinkles Forehead Wrinkles Treatment Lahore

 Eye Wrinkles Forehead Wrinkles treatment in Lahore Pakistan

Wrinkles are the most common skin disorders that show the aging effect on the face. Different treatments are available to reduce or remove wrinkles. Botox treatment for wrinkles is one of those treatments that help in reducing wrinkles after an injection in muscles. Botox, also known as botulinum toxin type A is a very popular treatment to reduce wrinkles these days. This method is used to get rid of wrinkles and to revive it from affects of ageing. Botulinum is a poison that is produced by specific bacteria which cause food poisoning in humans. It is injected into the specific muscles of the face. It does not generate any poison when injected in the skin. It works as a muscle relaxant for the facial muscles. Their effect on the skin lasts for several months. Despite these temporary effects, the whole treatment is done within a very small time. This treatment does not need any recovery time because it does not give apparent side-effects. When a specific amount of Botox is injected into the skin, nerve signals got blocked and this makes muscles to contract. The effect generated through this process removes wrinkles for some time and rejuvenates the skin. It takes a few minutes of dermatologist to inject Botox in patient's skin. It is advised that not to rub or pat that area where Botox is injected for three hours after the treatment. After this time, patient can resume their routine activities. They can wash and scrub their face as well. Four days are needed to see the result of Botox on the face. Within seven days, patients feel that wrinkles are vanished from their skin. After six months of injection, results start diminishing away and another injection is required to reduce again the wrinkles. Food and Drug Administration of the United States has approved Botox treatment for wrinkles for those who are less than sixty five years.

Botox can be injected on face, neck, brow furrow and forehead to remove wrinkles. Dose of Botox is almost the same for every treatment. It is required for patients to get injection again after six months to maintain the effects of Botox. Patients have to tell their medical history to dermatologist before getting this treatment. Use of certain medicines that are responsible for blood thinning is prohibited before and after the treatment. This treatment is not for pregnant and breast feeding mothers. Botox injections are expensive and they have short-term effects. Average costs of these injections ranges from three hundred dollars to one thousand dollars. These injections are not covered by any medical insurance like other cosmetic treatments in the United States. Some side-effects may be occurred after getting a dose of Botox injection for reducing wrinkles. These side-effects must be considered before getting treatment. An experienced dermatologist can help patients in overcoming from them very quickly. Eyelid droop can be occurred for a certain time-period. Headache is found in almost all of the patients after taking injection. Bruising and pain in the area that got injection is also found. Some other includes nausea, itching, redness and weakness of the facial muscles.
Wrinkles treatments with Botox or filler injections in Pakistan are less painful as compared to other treatments of wrinkle reducing such as cosmetic surgery and chemical peels.


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