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acne , chickenpox scars

Chickenpox and acne scars are common on face and other parts of body. These are cosmetically unacceptable and we have laser cosmetic surgery treatment in Lahore (Pakistan).

Acne Scar Treatment LahoreChickenpox scar treatment lahore


Brown , Red and Black Scars


Brown and Black acne spots lahoreRed Acne scar treatment Lahore

 Black and brown spots afte acne is routinely present and difficult to treat with creams and lotions. Laser cosmetic treatments quickly clear such spots.

Spot Treatment in Pakistan 

Red ,brown and black spots after pimple is a common problem. These cosmetic issue can be solved by " spot treatment" 2 step spots clearing therapy. 


Melasma (chloasma) and Pigmentation

Melasma or pigmentation is a common problem among Pakistani people. There are various reasons like post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, sun damage and during or after pregnancy due to hormonal disturbance. Sometimes epidermal melasma is cured by creams but dermal pigmentation treated by lasers only. We have Q switched Nd:Yag laser to treat dermal melasma in Pakistan.

Brown , red & Black  birthmarks

Birth marks can be treated successfully by laser treatment sessions. We have various lasers to treat nevus of ota and hemangioma.




White, red, black, brown scar WWhite, red, black, brown scar W